Place Valuables In Storage With Confidence Using The Right Security Measures

Sometimes a person needs a storage unit because they need to clear out their home for a short time. In your situation, you may want to put away valuables while you are on an extended trip. Since you will be away from home, you should take your time with picking a storage company.

You do not want to worry about whether your possessions are safe while they are in storage. This means that you will want to analyze the security measures taken by every storage complex.

Walled Perimeter

A fully fenced storage property is one feature that should make you feel better about security; however, fences are climbable, and an expert can find a way to cut through a metal fence. They also do not provide much privacy because people will be able to look inside at any time. An ideal solution is to prioritize storage companies that have a walled perimeter instead.

Not only are walls harder to climb, especially when they are tall, but they will make it harder for a criminal to inspect the property to figure out where they should enter the premises.


Another feature that increases the security of your storage unit is choosing a storage facility with multiple levels. When you need to go up a freight elevator or walk up a flight or two of stairs to reach your unit, you should feel more confident about the safety of the items on the inside.

Most thieves are not going to want to go all the way up the stairs to steal items. An additional benefit is that getting a storage unit on the second or third level eliminates flood risk.


When you look at a storage property, you should see the surveillance cameras all around. These cameras do not need someone always watching them to provide effective security; the cameras will act as a deterrent, which will minimize the chance of your unit being broken into. Even if an attempt is made, the cameras will catch the person in the act, which can lead to their arrest.

Gate Access

A storage facility needs to have gate access to provide optimal security. An ideal situation is when a PIN code is needed and there is an employee near the gate to watch who comes in. This will allow them to stop anyone who makes it through by following behind another vehicle.

Prioritizing these features will make you feel confident about storing valuables in a storage facility for an extended period of time.