Have Physical Limitations? 3 Tips For Renting An Accessible Storage Unit

While some people can rent a storage unit without much consideration, you may need to put some thought into the decision to accommodate your physical limitations. A storage unit can provide immense relief when running out of storage space throughout your home.

Attention to specific details can help you rent and use a storage unit with complete confidence despite physical limitations. 

Unit Location

When you look at storage facilities, you want to pay attention to available unit locations. Finding a suitable unit is essential to ensure stress-free and easy access. For instance, you can pick a storage unit inside a building on the first floor close to an entrance. An upper-floor unit in a building can also work when you have reliable access to a freight elevator. 

Most outdoor units are easily accessible because you can drive right outside the rental. Picking ones close to the property entrance will save you time and effort with driving.


Equipment can help with using a storage unit. For instance, you can use furniture dollies and hand trucks to move furniture, boxes, and items without putting too much strain on your body.

A smart plan is to prioritize storage properties with smooth, paved roads that allow you to push or pull equipment on easily. A smooth surface is extra beneficial if you use a walker or wheelchair because a surface like asphalt can make it difficult and bumpy to get around.


While a unit's location will play an important role in parking, you can easily analyze multiple aspects of parking within a storage complex. An ideal scenario is finding a place with disability parking at the customer service center and near all entrances to storage unit buildings.

Another tip is to check out a storage facility on the day and hours you usually plan to go. This step will help you find out how much parking is available at that time.


Opening a door is an essential part of accessing your rental storage unit. Many storage units have a roll-up door, which may prove challenging for you to use. This fact makes it important to look for alternatives in a swing door or even an automatic one for maximum accessibility.

Demanding storage units with these doors will ensure you do not need assistance from an employee, friend, or family member to get inside. 

Use these tips to find a suitable storage unit rental that works with physical limitations.