5 Tips For Long-Term Storage

Long-term storage in a self-storage facility is a little different than storing items for just a couple of weeks. These tips will help protect your belongings. 1. Provide Ground Protection Most storage units have concrete floors, and a small amount of moisture can seep through concrete naturally. Usually, this isn't enough to be concerned about, but if items aren't moved for many months or years, eventually some mold or mildew can begin to grow on storage boxes. Read More 

Tips For Renting And Using A Small Storage Unit

Storage units come in multiple sizes, and the larger the unit, the more you'll pay to rent it. If you can only afford a small unit — or if that is all that's available near you — then you will need to pack that unit as efficiently as possible to fit everything inside. Here are a few tips to help you in that regard. Put items in plastic totes, not boxes. Read More