Car Storage: On Display Or In The Dark? How To Choose

People who collect vintage or rare cars like to keep them as pristine as possible. Car storage is the perfect answer for that because the cars are kept out of the elements and continue to look as clean and new as the day they were restored or rolled off the company line. However, there are two approaches to car storage. You can either hide them away entirely in storage garages, or you can store them on display. Here is how to choose.

Display Storage

Display storage for cars comes with several picture windows and floor space to park the cars. Usually, this allows people on the street to pass by and view part of your collection. It could also include airplane hangar space where visitors pay a small entrance fee to come in and walk around your collection (like Jay Leno's car collection).

The only drawbacks to display storage is that it typically costs more than garage storage and that would-be thieves have easy access to your collectible cars at any time. With the glass windows, the thieves could smash the glass and attempt to steal a car before the police arrive (although that would be a very bold move on their part). With the hangar display or a similar means of showcasing your collection, the vehicles could be stolen more easily because access is even less secure than glass picture windows.

Car Garage Storage

With car garage storage, your cars are never on display unless you take them to a car show. They are consistently safe, out of sight, and no one but you and the proprietor knows what you have in the storage units. When the units are very secure, no pests or birds can damage your collection either. If you can rent temperature-controlled car storage units, then your vehicles will never experience extreme heat or cold, which could damage leather details and leather seats or crack plastic and vinyl. Car garage storage is also cheaper than car display storage.

The downside to this type of storage is that you may not be able to store your collection all in one spot. You also have to drive to your storage units to select and drive each car individually. Because they are in storage and out of sight for so long, all of them will need to be washed and restarted or jump-started when you first pull a car out of storage. For more information, talk to a professional like Ship Creek Storage.