Just Moved? Look For The Right Storage Facility Features For A Stress-Free Experience

Moving can create a difficult situation for you when it comes to reorganizing your possessions. In your old house, you may have had an attic, large garage, or numerous closets to store your items with ease. But if your new house does not have these same features or provide the same amount of storage space in other ways, you will likely need to adjust how your belongings are stored to minimize cluttering. An excellent option that can make this process less stressful as well as buy you time is renting a storage unit nearby.

Large Supplies Inventory

After a move, you may not have much in terms of moving or storage supplies left over. You will appreciate when you can get boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and even a box cutter from the facility. This prevents you from having to look around for nearby stores that carry these items to be ready for storing things. If you want to rent a small storage unit, you may have to reorganize your things into smaller boxes. This means you can take your moving truck directly to the unit and buy supplies that you end up needing.

Long Operating Hours

It is helpful when you can find a storage company with lengthy operating hours. You do not want to be limited in your ability to move things in and out of storage because of timing. It can take a while to get off work, drive home, make dinner, and then have enough time to drive boxes to your storage unit. It may be your goal to only keep a storage unit for several months until you are able to get everything situated. So continually having to postpone a visit to the unit can lead to spending more money on rent. Another consideration is if you are an early riser, as it may be helpful to look for facilities that open early.

Parking at the Unit

When you are making trips to and from the storage unit on a regular basis, you do not want to have an inconvenient parking situation. In a scenario where you show up to the unit to put items inside and then leave it all alone for a year, not being able to park a few feet away from the unit is not an issue. But while you are trying to avoid clutter in your new home and optimize storage in both spaces, you want quick and easy access to the storage unit, which means you need direct access to it from your vehicle.

Covering these details when looking for secure storage units should help you find an ideal candidate.