Spring Cleaning? Make Sure You Check Out Mini Storage Units

The dusting, decluttering, and sifting through all of the stuff you have accumulated through the year can only mean one thing: it's that time of year again when the cleaning supplies come out and the house ends up looking like a shined-up new penny. Spring cleaning can be a major chore, but well worth your efforts when all's said and done. However, during your cleaning efforts, you are bound to come across a lot of stuff you simply have nowhere to tuck away. Check out these three good reasons to rent a mini storage unit during your spring cleaning efforts.

Store away all of that extra holiday stuff. 

If you are like a lot of people, once the holidays are over, you just don't have enough time and energy to pack everything up neatly and find a spot for it. If you still have a Christmas tree hanging out in the garage and a set of plastic reindeer crowding up your office, why not rent a storage unit just the right size for all of this holiday decor? You will not need this stuff again until far later in the year and just having it out of the way can make room for the stuff that you are using through the warmer weather seasons. 

Rent a storage unit to set aside yard sale items.

Rummaging through all of your belongings while you clean will often give you a grand idea. Having a garage or yard sale is an excellent way to get rid of some of your extra junk and stick a few bucks in your pocket. However, designating a spot in the house to hold all this future merchandise is a huge hassle. Rent a mini storage unit and simply store away everything you find there until you have enough for a fully stocked yard sale event.  

Rent a storage unit for stuff you plan to fix up later. 

That dresser that's been hanging out in the garage for a planned Pinterest project, those picture frames you intend to bedazzle, and that dollhouse that needs some touchups–all of these are things that you will probably get to at some point. But for the monet, wouldn't it be better just to have the stuff out of the way? Find a local storage facility with affotrdable mini storage units and the stuff will be out of your way and kept safe until you do have time to work on it.