Holy Moldy: Ways To Keep Moisture And Dampness Out Of Your Storage Unit

Storage units are an excellent way to stash and secure items that you don't have the space for in your home or business. If you put something in storage, the last thing you want to occur is moisture damage.

Some things that are impacted by a damp surroundings include:

  • Firearms.
  • Artwork.
  • Furniture.
  • Linens.
  • Documentation or paperwork.
  • Apparel.
  • Mattresses.

Units can become damp due to circumstances beyond human control, but which can be prevented with some attention early-on. Keep your storage unit dry with these tips:

Look for climate-controlled units. When visiting and checking out storage facilities, ask for climate controlled spaces if available. These will maintain a moderate temperature that is suited to delicate items, temperamental equipment, or family heirlooms.

Do a walk-through. Make sure that you check out the unit carefully for signs of leaks or moisture before agreeing to rent it. Do a walk-through and look for signs of dampness, i.e. puddles or staining on the floor, and keep an eye out for cracks in the floors or walls of the unit. If it doesn't pass the test, ask to see another unit.

Use moisture-absorbing materials. Use coffee-cans of charcoal or cat litter to remove excess moisture from the air. Simply fill the cans and set in the corners of the unit. Remove and replace the materials periodically.

Don't bring moisture in to your unit. Another way to prevent moisture is to not put anything wet in the storage unit. If you are moving items during rain or snow, bring plenty of towels to dry the items as you place them in storage. Make sure any apparel, linens, or upholstery are bone-dry when put in your unit.

Account for the humidity. When visiting storage facilities, inquire about the humidity level in the units. Pick-up a humidity gauge online or at a hardware store and test the humidity in the unit yourself; it should be less than 50% to prevent mold and moisture issues with your belongings.

Start saving desiccant packets. You know those little desiccant packets that come in everything from a new handbag to a package of beef jerky? Repurpose these desiccant bags and fill a discarded sock or cloth bag with the little gel beads to hang inside your unit. Make sure to replace these as the gel will not be able to absorb any more moisture after a while.

Use these tips to ensure your stuff stays dry in storage or when renting out a storage unit. Talk with storage unit staff and voice any concerns that you have regarding potential moisture damage and your items; they should be able to offer solutions and climate-controlled facilities to put your mind at ease. Click for more info on proper storage unit procedures.