Protecting Your My Little Pony Collection In Storage

So many little girls have found a great deal of joy playing with the My Little Pony line. Since the early 1980s, this collection has continued to grow and the older ponies have become more valuable. If you have your My Little Pony collection from the 80s, its crucial that you take the time to pack them up and store them properly so that they remain in good condition as their value continues to grow.

Clean the Ponies

Before you pack the ponies up for an extended time, it's so important that you get them good and clean. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers do a great job of cleaning marks off of the ponies' bodies, but fixing messed up hair takes a little more effort.

Mix a cup of fabric softener with 3 cups of water in a spray bottle. Spray the hair and massage the mixture in. Use a comb to slowly work the knots out. Rinse well and set out to dry. For ponies that originally had curly hair, wrap the hair around a pencil and then a paper towel. Use a rubber band to hold the hair in place and let it dry for a few days. When you remove the paper towel and pencil, slide the pencil out of the hair and the curl should remain.

Now, let the ponies air out until they have completely dried.

Store the Ponies

Once the ponies are clean and dry, you can pack them up to be stored. Get some plain white tissue paper and a sturdy box. Wrap the ponies in the tissue paper making sure to keep the hair in place as best you can. Some people like to tuck each pony in an airtight bag, but this can cause troubles with mold growth if any moisture remains in the pony.

Tuck each pony in the box carefully. If your collection is large, use several small boxes inside one large box. You don't want the weight of the ponies on top to squish the ponies that are at the bottom of the box.

Store the box in a cool, dry area. If you don't have a space in your home that doesn't get moist, very cold or very hot, look into leasing a small storage unit. Surely, you have other things around your home that should be stored in a cool, dry area.

Take your time and get these ponies packed up properly. Your time spent now will pay off in the future when the value of those ponies is greater than it is today. You can click here for more info about storage solutions.