Need Storage Fast? 3 Tips On Renting A Storage Unit From A Facility

When you find yourself in need of storage, you can get a reliable solution from storage facilities. Some people may take their time shopping around. But you may be more interested in quickly renting a storage unit to accommodate your immediate storage demands.

Calling up rental facilities or showing up in person will quickly help you secure a unit. However, you can also use several tips to enjoy a fast and smooth experience.

Oversized Unit

Picking a unit in the exact size you need will prove challenging while in a rush. To determine the right size, you may need to pack items, disassemble furniture, and organize everything into one area. An easier option is to rent an oversized unit that you know will fit everything.

A substantial benefit of going with a bigger unit is reducing or eliminating the need to disassemble furniture. Putting assembled furniture into the storage unit can save either minutes or hours, depending on how many pieces you have and the complexity of each piece.

Another advantage of a larger unit is not needing to stack boxes that high or use shelving units to make use of all the space from the floor to the ceiling. Putting boxes in stacks of two or three and fully assembled furniture into storage is a quick and easy way to store your belongings.


Renting from a storage facility allows you to rent or buy equipment from them during an initial visit to see the unit and sign paperwork. For instance, you can rent a hand truck, furniture dolly, furniture straps, and floor runners to help with the moving process.

Using furniture straps is useful because it can give you a better grip and help you carry more weight than only using your bare hands. Floor runners will help you protect your floors and feel confident about maneuvering through hallways and rooms with assembled furniture.


When you pick up equipment, you can also get essential supplies. Tape, padding, moving boxes, and labels are some of the most important things that you can pick up. Even though you may want to rent and use a storage unit quickly, you will get a ton of value from being organized.

A utility cutter, tie-down rope, stretch cords, gloves, and moving blankets are other supplies that you can get to help with preparing furniture and items.

Use these tips to help you rent and use a storage unit fast and successfully.