Combining Households When You And Your Partner Both Have An Abundance Of Things

There comes a time in a successful relationship when you and your partner need to combine households. If you are a little older and have both been maintaining your own households for some time, one of the challenges of moving in together will be dealing with all of your stuff. From extra furniture to extra kitchen utensils, the sheer volume of it all can be overwhelming! But you should never let your things keep you from enjoying this special time in your lives. Read More 

Holy Moldy: Ways To Keep Moisture And Dampness Out Of Your Storage Unit

Storage units are an excellent way to stash and secure items that you don't have the space for in your home or business. If you put something in storage, the last thing you want to occur is moisture damage. Some things that are impacted by a damp surroundings include: Firearms. Artwork. Furniture. Linens. Documentation or paperwork. Apparel. Mattresses. Units can become damp due to circumstances beyond human control, but which can be prevented with some attention early-on. Read More 

How To Prepare A Storage Unit If You’re Going To Be Away For A Long Time

Storage units are great places to stick household items as you clean out garages or remodel your home. However, they're also places where you can put your belongins if you're about to go out of the country for a few months, for example, and will be giving up your current apartment. Putting items in storage for a longer length of time means that you have to ensure the goods can withstand whatever might happen. Read More 

Spring Cleaning? Make Sure You Check Out Mini Storage Units

The dusting, decluttering, and sifting through all of the stuff you have accumulated through the year can only mean one thing: it's that time of year again when the cleaning supplies come out and the house ends up looking like a shined-up new penny. Spring cleaning can be a major chore, but well worth your efforts when all's said and done. However, during your cleaning efforts, you are bound to come across a lot of stuff you simply have nowhere to tuck away. Read More 

Just Moved? Look For The Right Storage Facility Features For A Stress-Free Experience

Moving can create a difficult situation for you when it comes to reorganizing your possessions. In your old house, you may have had an attic, large garage, or numerous closets to store your items with ease. But if your new house does not have these same features or provide the same amount of storage space in other ways, you will likely need to adjust how your belongings are stored to minimize cluttering. Read More